“HALO has proven to be a valuable addition to our clinic. It has allowed our clinicians to have an easy-to-use and accurate tool for objective assessment and tracking outcome measures. Being able to show patients an improvement in joint range of motion pre and post treatment on the HALO has helped with patient involvement and compliance”

Tom Harrington Managing Partner, B.A. Science (Physiotherapy)








“HALO is a modern clinical tool for Physiotherapists to investigate. As a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and clinical tutor I have found different ways of using the Halo device, I have worked with Sporting Organisations such as the: Perth Thundersticks Hockey , West Coast Waves Basketball, West Coast Fever Netball and South West Academy of Sport. Athlete screenings are an important but time consuming process.  The HALO device minimises time required and provides increased accuracy. Working with 4th year Physiotherapy students from Curtin University has founded  further  use of the HALO”.

These include:

1. Accurate joint range of motion measurements

2. Muscle length tests (special tests – normally requiring inclinometers)

3. Dynamic testing (attachment to a limb during gait, running, biomechanical and functional analysis).

Trevor Lawrence-Brown, Manipulative Physiotherapist, Mast. Physio. / Mast. Clinical Physio. (Manip Ther), APA Physiotherapist, Sports Rehabilitation, Curtin Clinical and Anatomy Tutor




“It took me less than 3 minutes to realize that this device is perfect for my four practices in New York and Washington DC, and that’s why I bought several units. Our ROM measurements are significantly more consistent amongst clinical staff ”.

Marty Jaramillo, PT, Sports Physical Therapist, CEO and founder of I.C.E Sports Therapy   http://www.icept.com




“The market is in need of a device which is easier, faster and more accurate to use in joint measurement and which keeps up with current technology. Accurate outcome data is vital in today’s evidence based approach to healthcare delivery. This data obtained by such devices as the HALO Goniometer would play an important role in demonstrating the efficacy or otherwise of our interventions.”

Ian Cooper, Deputy Head of Department of Physiotherapy, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Australia





“Accurate bike fits require experience, patience and the right tools. Controlling all the variables is the key and the human body is highly variable. HALO assists me in determining joint angles and ensuring components are level, in a more intuitive way than a goniometer would. I can set the HALO to vertical and accurately measure with respect to this reference point. Gravity plays an important role in biomechanics, so being able to reference angles to the vertical is very helpful.”  

Greg Kerr, Physiotherapist, Precision Bike Fit at Horizon Physio 

 Biomechanical bike fits using Auto Vertical Mode in HALO
Leg Level












“The whole team at iPhysio Perth are very excited to be using multiple HALO devices in our clinics. We pride ourselves on only offering the highest level of care available, and this certainly includes using HALO regularly with clients and sporting teams, to enhance the accuracy of our elite musculoskeletal screening processes and clinical assessments. The HALO has allowed us to introduce new clinical measures that we could not do for clients previously, using a standard goniometer. It is very simple and easy to use. The biggest advantage of using HALO is our clients love having a quantitative accurate measure, pre and post their treatment plan. It is certainly an impressive tool that will enhance all health professions for years to come.”

Mr Scott Wescombe, Director iPhysio, Australia



“There are extreme benefits of using HALO in a rural setting where communities usually miss out on fancy state-of-the-art tools due to affordability. The HALO tool certainly provides great value for both practitioner & client. Having a more accurate measure for client movement and pain restrictions allows our physiotherapists to be more confident when explaining the findings of the re-assessment. It will be very useful when liaising with GP’s, Case Managers, and Specialists. I am predicting we will get more good referrals after showing the device off to local medical professionals.”

Burnie Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, TAS