Validation and Collaborative Research

HALO has been sent out to 15 leading Universities and Private Companies worldwide to further the product validation. As validation results are finalised they will be posted here. Participating Validation Partners will be posted soon.



Research undertaken on the HALO prototype one for feedback into final development was completed by the University of Western Australia.





Institute: The University of Western Australia, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science, School of Podiatric Medicine.

Study Title: Intra and inter-rater reliability of the HALO digital goniometer and the tractograph in a podiatric setting: a comparative study

Authors: Claire Forde, Lucy Johnston, Emily Longo and Fiona Sherriff. Corresponding author: A/Prof Jennifer Bryant


Joint angles are commonly measured in the podiatric setting to determine the range of motion and position of a joint in order to make assumptions regarding foot function. These measurements can be used in treatment plans for footwear and orthotic prescription or to establish the effectiveness of a management plan. There is currently no ‘gold standard’ device for measuring joint angles in a podiatric setting. The tractograph is the goniometric tool currently accepted in a podiatric setting. This study aimed to investigate the reliability of two goniometric devices, the tractograph and the HALO digital goniometer, for passive measurements of ankle joint dorsiflexion and subtalar joint (STJ) range of motion in a podiatric setting. The study demonstrated Intra-class Correlation Coefficient values in inter-rater and intra-rater reliability which indicated the HALO digital goniometer is a reliable and reproducible tool in a podiatric setting. Although we experienced limitations with the prototype of the HALO digital goniometer within this study, we feel that most of these limitations can be overcome as the device moves out of prototype development. The HALO digital goniometer has the potential to become a reliable and valuable tool for biomechanical joint measurements in podiatry and across many allied health fields.